Black Fever

Black Fever: Indian scientists find how black fever causes parasite spreads

Indian scientists have made a significant medical advancement by figuring out how the Leishmania parasite, which causes black fever, targets and spreads more quickly within the body. In order to spread throughout the body, the Leishmania parasite takes advantage of SUMOylation, a crucial regulator of numerous cellular, nuclear, metabolic, and immune processes. The parasite “Leishmania […]

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Mushrooms can talk to each other with a vocabulary of about 50 words, Researchers revealed

Researchers have discovered that mushrooms, yes, mushrooms, have the ability to communicate with one another. They also have a vocabulary of around 50 words. Researchers discovered that ghost fungus (Omphalotus nidiformis), Enoki fungi (Flammulina velutipes), split gill fungi (Schizophyllum commune), and caterpillar fungi all display ‘oscillations of extracellular electrical potential’ (Cordyceps militaris). Researchers discovered that […]

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Pyramids: How did the structure of the pyramids get the exact shape without modern technology?

The Egyptian pyramids astonish visitors not just because of their mummies’ secrets, but also because of their architecture and engineering. It is nothing short of a miracle that such structures were built in such a perfect manner without the use of contemporary technology in Egyptian society 4500 years ago. Despite the dearth of substantial evidence, […]

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