Black Fever

Black Fever: Indian scientists find how black fever causes parasite spreads

Indian scientists have made a significant medical advancement by figuring out how the Leishmania parasite, which causes black fever, targets and spreads more quickly within the body. In order to spread throughout the body, the Leishmania parasite takes advantage of SUMOylation, a crucial regulator of numerous cellular, nuclear, metabolic, and immune processes. The parasite “Leishmania […]

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Space: A new algorithm made by Indian scientists will give accurate information about extraterrestrials

After coming from the exoplanet to the Earth, it is difficult to understand them clearly and accurately due to the interference of other signals in space. But a team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) has developed an algorithm that will increase the accuracy of the data of extraterrestrials. The Critical Noise […]

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