Bitcoin: Environmentalists express outrage over a bitcoin mining power facility

Large-scale bitcoin mining is hampered by the difficulty of locating low-cost electricity to operate the massive computer clusters required to create and transact in cryptocurrencies. Environmentalists are concerned about an innovative solution used by a mining business in central New York. It has its own on-site nuclear reactor. To power 15,300 computer servers, Greenidge Generation […]

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Best cryptocurrency apps

Best cryptocurrency apps for online trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies in India

In India, the best cryptocurrency apps are: Cryptocurrency investments are growing, and India may be on the verge of setting new all-time highs. While several hazards are involved, and the RBI opposes cryptocurrencies, investors are nevertheless interested because of the tremendous profit potential. App stores have flooded with cryptocurrency exchange apps as a result of […]

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Binance trading volumes surge 65% in August despite regulatory pressure

According to research by digital asset data source CryptoCompare, Binance Holdings Ltd, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange operator, reported a 65 percent increase in monthly trading volumes on its platform. Despite increased pressure from regulators throughout the world on the crypto exchange, this was the case. Following the London hard fork on August 5th, ether […]

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Cryptocurrency prices are falling, and currency trading slows down as barriers emerge

Cryptocurrency prices are plummeting, and cryptocurrency trading slows down on Tuesday, the day El Salvador fought for the country’s leading position. Use Bitcoin as a legal tender first. Cryptocurrencies were impacted by a trading platform failure. But the focus was on El Salvador, where the government had to temporarily shut down digital wallets to meet […]

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US SEC has charged the founder of Bitconnect for conspiring with a $ 2 billion crypto scam

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently sued BitConnect founder Satish Kumbhani against an advertiser. American Glenn Arcaro and his subsidiary Future Money are involved in a $ 2 billion fraudulent scheme, BitConnect, an online cryptocurrency lending platform founded in 2005. In 2016, the platform created a digital token called the BitConnect currency. […]

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