Diet Plans

Diet Plans for post-covid recovery

Diet Plans: The covid-19 outbreak two years ago irrevocably transformed the way we live. The infectious disease compelled us to hide up in our houses and endure the anguish of witnessing in horror how it spread. With the immunisation and booster doses, things improved over time. People’s immunity began to improve, and we were able […]

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Covid-19: 2 more hybrid Covid strains were found after Omicron+Delta recombinant

Following the discovery of Omicron, Delta recombinants in France in mid-February, two further Omicron-related recombinant strains have been identified. Two of the three known strains are mixtures of Omicron and Delta (different forms), while the third was created by combining two separate Omicron subvariants (BA.1 and BA.2). According to a recent study, research is being […]

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FabiSpray: First Nasal Spray For Treating Adult Covid Patients Launched In India

In collaboration with SaNOtize, Glenmark, a Mumbai-based innovation-driven global pharma firm, has released Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (FabiSpray) in India to treat adult patients suffering from Covid-19. As part of the fast approval procedure, Glenmark acquired manufacturing and marketing authorization for Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray from India’s drug authority, Drugs Controller General of India. “Phase […]

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Covaxin booster

Covaxin booster successful in neutralizing Omicron variant- Bharat Biotech

Covaxin (BBV152) booster dosage has been demonstrated to neutralize both Omicron and Delta variants of COVID-19, according to Bharat Biotech. According to the institution, a booster dosage of Covaxin resulted in strong neutralization of the Delta version, and more than 90% of blood samples exhibited neutralization of the Omicron variation. The Omicron variant, which was […]

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