Covid- Young patients with high blood pressure and diabetes suffering from Covid have a higher risk of brain stroke

Young people fighting Covid, who are high blood pressure and diabetes patients at higher risk of stroke. According to a report published in the journal Brain Communications, strokes have been observed in young people infected with the virus. It was also reported that it closely matched the crown. According to the study, stroke cases were […]

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Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine: People who have taken both doses of corona vaccine are 3 times less likely to get infected, claims in UK study

According to a study in the United Kingdom, people who received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine at the same time were three times less likely to be infected. The Community Transmission Study (REACT1), one of the UK’s largest coronavirus studies, said on Wednesday that the infection rate in England has quadrupled from 0.15% to […]

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Coronavirus: A new “super mutant variant” could arrive, every third person will die, British scientists warn

British scientists warn that the next variant of the coronavirus can be very deadly and kill every third person. Leading scientists from the UK government have provided this information (British Study on the Coronavirus Variant). The Group for Emergency (SAGE) has published documents on this, warning that future exposure will be as deadly as the […]

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