Maglev Train

Maglev Train: The fastest train in the world travels at a speed of 600 km/h

China launched the high-speed maglev train on Tuesday. The train has a maximum speed of 600 kilometres per hour. According to official media reports, this is the fastest transportation. The state-owned Xinhua News Agency established Qingdao City along the coast. It publicly introduced a new magnetic levitation transportation system in China. The high-speed maglev train […]

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Quantum Supercomputer

Quantum Supercomputer: China claims to have built the world’s most powerful Quantum Supercomputer, ahead of Google

A team of Chinese researchers has claimed that they need to set a new record in the matter of Quantum Computing. One of all these researchers says that his new computer is more powerful than an old computer. Even better than Google (Quantum Supercomputer). Researchers have reported in an exceeding preprint published in arXiv that their quantum computer is capable of solving problems with the assistance of 56 out […]

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