Oliver Daemen

Oliver Daemen: Who is that the youngest person to travel to space with Jeff Bezos of Amazon?

Eighteen-year-old Oliver Daemen is set to becoming the world’s youngest space tourist. He will attend space with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos on July 20 together with his space company’s first manned flight. Oliver Daemen got this chance at the place of the unidentified one that made the last bid of $ 28 million during a public auction for it. Jeff Bezos’ space company ‘Blue Origin’ said […]

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Zelorra, a Kanpur-based e-commerce startup, will help small businesses get online.

The e-commerce area in India has been filling over the most recent couple of years because of expanding web entrance. Changing customer propensities by requesting things on the web. Getting them conveyed at their doorstep has supported the development spray of organizations like Flipkart and Amazon. A Kanpur-based e-commerce startup, Zelorra, has come forward to […]

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