T20 World Cup 2021

T20 World Cup 2021: With a victory over Scotland and an NRR advantage over AFG in Group 2, India moves up to third place

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T20 World Cup 2021 Ravindra Jadeja, Player of the Match: Today, I had fun bowling here. The weird ball was turning, and I loved it. When you get a batsman out with a turning ball, that’s special. We wanted to play good cricket. We knew we needed to win by a lot to improve our net run rate, so we wanted to play our best and give it our all. One more game, let’s hope we play like this. Nobody can beat us like this. We must play like this in T20 World Cup 2021.

India moves up to third with a significant NRR gain!

26.3 overs, IND 89/2 Kohli, hits a single to backward square. SKY strikes. SKY is beaten by a skiddy bowl. The game is over! SKY thumps the ball down the turf for SIX!

NEW BOWLER GREAVES NRR of AFG is 4 runs in 7 balls!

6 overs 82/2 IND KL’s 18-ball 50! He paddles Watt over SIX for SIX. Almost done. Watt floats, and Rahul smacks it. OUT! Long-on KL holes!

At 3 p.m., Kohli

IND 5 overs 70/1: Rahul pulls Wheal down the ground for two runs. FOUR, cover creamed! 6 more! Rahul pulls the shorter delivery to deep mid-wicket for a maximum! Rohit resumes strike. To Rohit. OUT! Crashing onto Rohit’s toes. Perfect. And the Scotts have reason to cheer.

B Wheal 30 Rohit Sharma (16b 5×4 1×6)

India’s fastest team fifty in 23 balls!

IND 53/0 in 4 overs: Hitman! Rohit tonks Sharif over mid-wicket for SIX! FOUR more as Rohit takes extra cover. Short wait while Rohit requests a new willow. India reaches FIFTY in 23. The old Rohit, savoring the pacer while slipping in a mini-helicopter flick for FOUR!

Sharif attacks

KL Onslaught! Rahul lofts Evans over cover for FOUR! How about that one? KL swishes his arms across the arc and sends the ball screaming over mid-wicket for SIX! a single, and Rohit joins in! Another lofted shot over covering and FOUR!

Watt is replaced by Evans.

IND KL’s 23/0 in 2 overs! He tonks Wheal’s half-tracker for a FOUR. Rahul is streaky, but he finds FOUR! Wheal slows down, and Rahul tries a calculated flip. So the ball goes over mid-wicket and crawls to the fence. 4 more! This has all the swagger of a KL film! Picks up the length delivery and whips Wheal backward. 15 off a single to complete!

Brad Wheal at the other end

As the ball hits the center and straightens to Rahul, Watt finds some movement in the air. He tucks it and strikes. Rohit shuffles down to take a single. KL hits Watt off the middle stump for a single. Rohit flies high and earns a FOUR! A Watt outside off, Rohit lofts it over cover. He keeps a single and strikes.

Mark Watt’s new ball. First PowerPlay in the tourney!

It’s a race! Middle Rohit and KL Kohli, and Surya padded up.

India will undoubtedly go for it. Is there a lineup change tonight? No signs from the dressing room yet, say our stadium guy Ayan. “Rahul is armed. They’ve remained with the first two.”

Good cricket by Ravindra Jadeja. We did well. We aimed to bowl in the ideal spots and get them out quickly. The oddball spun; the odd one was straight. That and the wicket did the rest. We wanted to bowl to maximize the pitch (with three spinners). We finally won the toss. Yes, dew appears now. It is crucial in the second inning. They have a low score. Yes, we will try to catch it early.

Bumrah takes India’s most wickets in T20Is.

80 in 17.4 overs: Bumrah to Watt. Another yorker to end! Tonight it was too hot for Scotland. Now it’s time to slam with the willow. The bowlers did well on a flat field while skipper VK rolled in the changes flawlessly. Bumrah 14 (13b 2×4)

Bumrah on

83/9 (MacLeod to Shami) OUT! He bowed!! Shami waltzes through MacLeod’s desperate attempt to block him off the stumps. Sharif is out first! What occurred there? Shami throws a yorker to Sharif’s leg and yells at the umpire. Sharif is oblivious to the disturbance at the non-tracks. Striker’s Kishan picks up the ball from short cover and comfortably flashes the stumps. Sharif is gone! BEAUTY SHAMI! Shami nails the toe-crushing yorker right on the radar. Toe-to-stump. What a Mo Sham over!

Mohammed Shami 16 (28b); Safyaan Sharif 0 (1b); Alasdair Evans 0 (1b) (1b)


SCO 80/6 in 16 overs: Watt edges Ashwin’s flung up delivery for FOUR. Pant fumbles and misses. Then Watt advances again, and Ashwin slips it to Pant. Pant misses a good chance when it skids low to his leg.

Ashwin’s final over

SCO 70/6 in 15 overs: Watt squeezes Jadeja square to the deep. Shami makes a desperation stop but fumbles and allows FOUR. Kohli isn’t particularly delighted. Jaddu’s stats are 4-0-15-3, his best in T20Is.

Jadeja to bat

A to Greaves, SCO 64/6 in 14 overs OUT! Straight to Hardik at a distance! This is Greaves’ fate due to dot balls. Hardik takes a dolly in the deep after shimmying down and trying to take Ashwin’s floater over the fence. c Pandya b Ashwin 1 (7b)

Kohli adds Ash

SCO 61/5 in 13 overs: Bumrah keeps hitting the stumps and hitting the block-hole. For now, Greaves and MacLeod keep them off the stumps.

No Shami, Bumrah

Jadeja to Leask, OUT! And Leask’s gone! Leask opts for another sweep on the skiddy line from Jaddu. The ball thumps into the pads, beating the blade. Erasmus made an easy choice. Jadeja lbw Michael Leask (12b 2×4 1×6)

In 11 overs, SCO is 57/4. Shami sends in a quick bumper, but Leask catches him for SIX. Shami hits the slot again, and Leask hammers him for FOUR. Shami blocks the hole and limits the batters to singles.

SCO 44/4 in 10 overs: Leask sweeps to mid-wicket for FOUR! The batsmen wander around more to find the spaces.

CV returns, VK proactively switching bowlers.

SCO 36/4 in 9 overs: Jadeja skims the over. Keeps it tight and straightforward on the wicket with skidding bowling. Just the four over singles.

SCO 32/4 in 8 overs: Ashwin keeps tricking the hitters. Leask and Macleod negotiate in singles.

Ashwin to go on.

SCO 29/4 (Berrington) OUT! He bowed! Scotland devolves further. Berrington’s gates are opened by Jadeja. MacLeod strikes out. A loud appeal and a Pre-wicket catch with a sharp straighter! Scotland gets three reds! India would hope to finish tonight’s match fast with Jadeja’s ball magic. Richie Berrington 5b; Matthew Cross lbw 5b (9b).
Jadeja attacks.

Shami to Munsey, SCO 27/2. OUT! Mid-on! Shami goes full pad. Munsey attempts a slog from the slot but misses. Pandya makes a nice catch around the circle as he tries to elevate it. Shami pelts Berrington with bouncers before launching a yorker. Berrington tries to bat it, but the ball almost hits the stumps. Shami ends the Powerplay with a wicket-maiden!

c Pandya b Shami 24 (19b 4×4 1×6)

Shami attacks

SCO 27/1 in 5 overs: Munsey twice clears mid-off. He shuffles across to face Varun, but KL catches him inside the circle.

That’s Varun.

SCO 25/1 in 4 overs: Ashwin slides Munsey, three dots. Munsey then bangs in more cover for FOUR. Dramatic stoppage of Ashwin’s bowling stride as Munsey prepares for a reverse sweep. He tries again and finds the limit. Make it three! Another reverse-sweep attempt, but Munsey grabs the top-edge and glides over a short third for FOUR.

Varun is replaced by Ashwin.

Bumrah to Coetzer, 13 runs off three overs for SCO. OUT! The skipper is fooled by a slower boat! As he follows up the perfect yorker with the perfect slower-ball, it’s a Bumrah for him right there. After Coetzer gets some wood on the ball, the ball manages to sneak through and clip the off-stump. When the clock strikes three, make your entry. A yorker to welcome him. There’s little doubt that Bumrah is pumped up right now. It’s almost time for another one! Slower Bumrah wafts through, the leading edge almost reaching SKY at the cover! Suryakumar makes a gallant effort but misses the mark by the narrowest of margins. Bumrah needs a wicket! Kyle Coetzer b Bumrah 1 (7b)

It’s SCO 13/0 in the second over, thanks mainly to Munsey’s spirited efforts. To beat point for FOUR, he meticulously studies CV’s line before launching a reverse sweep.

Attacking with Chakravarthy

Munsey’s pads outside the leg stump are gushed by Bumrah as he takes full use of his prodigious swing. With his first through point, Munsey sets the ball rolling. Boom, latest !’s yorker is here. It’s a different story when the ball goes down the leg and into the right-handed Coetzer’s pads. A single is scored by the hitters. Bumrah gets off to a blistering start, slicing straight to the wickets. Munsey, this is incredible! When Bumrah goes to the pads, Munsey whips him away for a SIX! As he launches a half-helicopter into the stands, he shows utter contempt.

With the new ball, Jasprit Bumrah. Munsey workers are on strike.

Done with anthems. It’s game time in the Ring of Fire. To make light work of Scotland, Kohli’s gang will take to the field. Before dispersing, he facilitates an enthusiastic discussion in the huddle.

In preparation for the playing of the national anthems, the players file out of their respective stands.

KL is the home city for the Indian XI. Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant, Mohammed Shami, Varun Chakravarthy, and Jasprit Bumrah round out the top ten.

Matthew Cross, Richie Berrington, and Calum MacLeod make up the Scotland XI, including Kyle Coetzer, Matthew Cross, Richie Berrington, Calum MacLeod, and Michael Leask as defenders.

Time to Toss!

India needs a combined 120-plus run win in the two matches against Scotland and Namibia to beat Afghanistan in the NRR under favorable circumstances.

Before the toss, Ayan adds on:

The Indian huddle is ready for the toss at 6:52 p.m. IST. India must score as many points as possible to secure the victory. There won’t be an easy ride for Coetzer’s men either.

6:50 p.m. IST: New Zealand vs. North America: The Kiwis take a six-point lead with a 52-run victory. Now the spotlight is on India and Afghanistan, who will have to prove themselves worthy of this prestigious position.

6:30 p.m. IST: Bumrah has a strapped knee on the live video. As is Varun Chakravarthy, who also has a bowl in hand. Shardul Thakur is the only one who isn’t eating. On what appears to be a very level surface, will India use three spinners?

At 6:35 p.m. IST, the following are the possible outcomes: As expected, the New Zealand vs. Afghanistan match is likely to be the deciding factor in Group 2. If New Zealand defeats AFG, they join Pakistan in the semi-finals. If AFG defeats IND, the side with the best NRR will advance.

At 6:30 p.m. IST, the toss is less than an hour away. A slip-up in the chase by the Namibians means they haven’t done enough for India. Until Sunday’s evening match, India must do its part and await the New Zealanders’ showdown with Afghanistan.

5:45 p.m. IST: Our correspondent Ayan Acharya has arrived at the event location. In passing, he reveals that the rollers are operational. A flat surface appears to be in the works. “It appears to be a fantastic wicket. A high-scoring game is expected “he utters these words. “Warming up for the Scotland team The Indian support personnel has now gotten down to business in the field.”

In the meantime, India’s possible outcomes are still dependent on the outcome of the New Zealand-Namibia match. The Namibians are putting the finishing touches on a daring plan. Here’s where you can keep up with the action: NZ vs. NAM LIVE Score

5:05 p.m. IST: A lot is going on here!