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T Rex wasn’t always the most dangerous predator of its time

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Dinosaurs are considered to be the most dangerous of the creatures on earth so far. Of these, T Rex has been considered the most enormous predatory creature. 90 million years ago, in the era of dinosaurs, there used to be a more dangerous dinosaur than T Rex, which was ahead of T Rex in the food chain of its time. According to a new study, this dinosaur was found in the area of ​​today’s Uzbekistan, whose teeth were sharp like the teeth of a shark. Surprisingly, these dinosaurs used to be many times bigger and heavier than T Rex.

How enormous were these dinosaurs
Researchers have named this dinosaur Majungasaurus uzbekistane sis. It is named after the former Sultan of Uzbekistan, astronomer and mathematician Ulugh Beg. This giant creature used to be 8 meters long and weighing a thousand kilos, making it more prominent than the African elephant and heavier than the buffalo.

Bigger than tyrannosaurs
Surprisingly for scientists, it was twice as long and five times heavier than the most enormous predatory creature ever known. In the year 1980, scientists found many jaws in the Kyzelkom desert of Uzbekistan. Researchers discovered them again in the year 2019.

T rex competitors
Uzbekistanensis’s small jawbone is enough to suggest that it was a shark-toothed dinosaur called Carcharodontosaurus. This carnivore was a relative and competitor to the tyrannosaurs, of which T. rex is most famous. Both relics are very similar.

Difference between the two
The study’s co-researcher, Darla Zelenitsky, associate professor of paleontology at Calgary University, explained that carcharodontosaurids were generally thinner and less stout than the heavier tyrannosaurs when it came to differences between the two dinosaurs.

Carcarodontosaurs were gone

The study, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, states that Carcharodontosaurus was larger than T. rex and weighed up to 6,000 kg. Carcharodontosaurus disappeared between 8 and 90 million years ago. Tyrannosaurs then grew in size and became the apex predator of Asia and North America.

Top predators
Researchers say this study is the first discovery of Carcharodontosaurids in Central Asia. Paleontologists already knew that the tyrannosaur Timurlangia, which was 4 meters long and weighed 170 kg, lived here during this time. Taimurlangia was several times smaller than Yu uzbekistane sis, indicating that U uzbekistane sis was the top predator of its time. Which ate nearby horned dinosaurs, long-necked sauropods, and ostrich-like dinosaurs.

Researchers believe that Carcharodontosaurus were the most prominent predators 90 million years ago. They say that Yu uzbekistane sis Carcharodontosaurus and tyrannosaurs were found together for the last time at that time. After this, the Carcharodontosaurus became extinct. Many researchers not involved in the study believe that Carcharodontosaurus may have been the top predators of the food chain of their time.