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Syrian army occupied Eastern Ghouta, 500 deaths in 7 days.

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Beirut, In Syria, the government-backed army has occupied the Haasheed al-Dahdahira of Eastern Ghouta. The only area occupied by the rebels near the capital Damascus was Russia here imposed a ceasefire from nine o’clock in the morning to two o’clock in the morning. The ceasefire broke on the first day on Tuesday itself.

Russia and Syria have blamed the rebels for this. They say that the soldiers had made the road to safeguarding people. But the rebels continued the attack. While the rebels have refused any kind of firepower. It is known that the United Nations Security Council had passed the ceasefire for 30 days on Saturday. The United Nations says that it is impossible to get people safe and provide relief without preventing firearms. The Russian Finance Minister said, the help of Eastern Ghouta can be reached with a five hour war break. The US accused Russia of saying that he is working both on fire and extinguishing.

Nearly 500 civilians were killed in the Syrian government’s air strike in the past seven days in the Eastern Ghouta area, which was captured by rebels in Syria. Although the United Nations Security Council has unanimously passed the resolution for a 30-day cease-fire in Syria. But here’s a big question: Who is responsible for the situation in Syria? Apart from this, peace can be expected from the end of the war. Tell you that in the ongoing conflict in Syria millions of people have been killed and thousands of children have been orphaned.