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Syria War: 100 civilians die due to bombing in the area of rebels.

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Beirut, At least 100 civilians died in the bombing of the Syrian army in Eastern Ghouta’s occupied area. There are also 20 children in the dead. A war supervisor gave this information.

Rami Abdel Rehman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said that the number of civilian deaths in the bombing on Monday in the area affected by insurgents outside of Damascus is the highest since the beginning of 2015.

Before this, the United Nations had warned that the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta is becoming a victim of a massive bombardment by Syria and it should be closed immediately. In a statement, the UN Regional Human Coordinator for the Syrian Crisis, Panos Momtzis said, “Human torture of this unnecessary need to be stopped immediately. The innocent citizens and the infrastructure should be targeted immediately in such a way. “Hundreds of people have died in the bomb blast in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus. An agency keeping an eye on the ongoing conflict in Syria over the last seven years said that at least 77 people died in the same attack alone.