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Syria: Continued bombardment despite the ceasefire proposal.

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Beirut, Even after the immediate Syrian ceasefire resolution was passed in the UN Security Council, air strikes and bombardments in Syria have not been closed. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British human rights organization, in the latest bombing, where there was air strikes on the outskirts of Doma, there was a lot of bombardment in Eastern Ghouta.

Let us tell that 519 people have died in the bomb blast in the area occupied by the rebels in Syria’s Damascus region since February 18.

The United Nations Security Council on Saturday unanimously passed the 30-day ceasefire proposal in Syria so that humanitarian aid and medical facilities could be provided promptly. However, it was not stated in the proposal that when the ceasefire will come into force.

Head of the organization Rami Abdel Rahman said that three areas of Eastern Ghouta were targeted at gun and air strikes. However, no news of any casualties has been received so far.