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Swami Vivekananda Jayanti 2022: He had controlled his mind like this!

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The birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda falls on 12 January. Narendranath was born on this day in Kolkata in 1863, who at the age of 25 had renounced worldly attachment and took sannyasa. After that, Narendra Nath was named Swami Vivekananda. Vivekananda’s mother was a religious woman who profoundly influenced Vivekananda. His attachment to Hinduism and spirituality is a symbol of this. When Swami Vivekananda met Ramakrishna Paramhansa, who went on the search of God at a young age, he got the knowledge of God.

Swami Vivekananda became a renowned and influential spiritual master. He was called to the World Parliament of Religions held in Chicago, USA, where he gave a historic speech. Millions of people began to consider him their role model and follow his ideas even today. By imbibing the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda, one can lead a happy and successful life. On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, know about the formula using which he had controlled his mind.

Before controlling the mind, it has to be known. The restless mind has to be pulled from the world and stabilized in a way. It’s necessary to do this over and over again. Contemplate the glories of God by controlling the mind by willpower, cultivating it. The most direct way to control the mind is to sit silently. Leave the mind for some time where it wants to go.

You keep thinking firmly, ‘I am the spectator, I am the witness, sitting and watching the sinking of the mind. I don’t mind!’ After that, look at your mind. Think, you are completely different from the mind. Think of yourself as one with God. Do not unite yourself with any inanimate object or mind.

Imagine – the mind as if there is a calm lake spread in front of you. The thoughts arising in my mind are blurred. They are like bubbles rising in the lake and coming to the surface and disappearing. Don’t try to control your thoughts. Just look at him with the eyes of imagination like a spectator, how he is going away.

When a lump is thrown into the pond, as the waves arise very quickly at first, after that the larger the circumference of the wave, the lesser the waves come, leaving the mind in the same way, the larger the circumference of its thoughts, in the mind Thoughts will come up. But we want to reverse this system. First, when we bring the mind to a point, starting from the big circle of thought, making it small and small, we have to keep it fixed there.

Wake up this feeling, ‘I am not the mind. I am looking; I’m thinking I am watching the movement of my mind.’ By practicing this way, the oneness that the mind has with itself will decrease day by day. Eventually, you will completely separate yourself from the mind and understand exactly that the mind is separate from you.

When this happens, the mind will be your slave, which you will be able to control as you wish. The first step in becoming a yogi is to go beyond the senses and understand that the seeker has reached the highest level when the mind is conquered. Stay alone as far as possible. It is better not to have a seat too high. First, lay the cushion, then the deerskin, then the silk or Pattavastra. It is better not to take a stand. Overall the posture should be firm.

Quit the mind by giving up all kinds of thoughts. As soon as a thought arises in mind, immediately throw it away. We have to rise beyond inanimate objects and our bodies to do this. The whole life of man is a continuous effort to reach this stage.

Our best role model is God. Meditate on them. We cannot know the knower because he is our form. We create evil because we see evil. What is inside us, we see outside. This world is like a mirror to us. This small body is a small mirror created by us, but the whole world is our body in reality. Always keep this thing in mind. Only then will you understand – we do not die or hurt anyone because we are the ones who will hurt. We are not born, nor do we die. We only must go on loving everyone.

‘This world is my body. All health, all joy is mine, because everything is within the universe.’ Say- ‘I am the world world.’ In the end, this is what I understand, ‘Whatever is business, everything is being reflected in the mirror from us.’ If we are like small waves, then behind us is an unbroken ocean, and we are all merged in it. A wave cannot stand alone apart from the ocean. Imagination acts like our best friend when used properly. Imagination transcends logic, and only the light of imagination can take us everywhere. Motivation emanates from within us, so we must motivate ourselves by our own higher forces.