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Sushmita Sen ex-boyfriend Rohman Shawl has been the target of online trolls since their breakup

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Rohman Shawl’s breakup with Sushmita Sen has devastated her adoring fans. Sushmita Sen recently informed her fans via social media that she and Rohman Shawl have broken up, but they are still in touch and will remain good friends. Sushmita Sen’s post was also reposted by Rohman Shawl. As a result, the actress’s fans are reacting and expressing their sorrow over the breakup. Rohman is being targeted by a large number of people as well.

Sushmita Sen’ was Rohman’s caption when he posted a picture of himself with the actress. In the beginning, we were just friends, but we’ll always be. Even though the relationship ended a long time ago, love endures.

In response to Rohman’s post, many wonder why the two have both unfollowed each other on social media if they are still friends. Sushmita Sen has a lot to thank her brother for, so don’t forget.’ Actor’s reactions have been similar.

Rohman Shawl responded to a user’s comment by writing, ‘I can never forget. ‘ I consider her to be a member of my family.’ The actor also included a heart emoji in his post. ‘Very sad to see this, but very happy that you will remain friends.’ ‘Very sad to see this, but very happy that you will remain friends. That’s the most important thing to remember. With your relationship with their girls, this is even more true.

‘Why did you unfollow her when she is your family?’ another asked. ‘It’s all a part of life,’ wrote another. Some relationships are fleeting. Some of them are left behind.’ At the same time, some people wonder why Rohman and Sushmita Sen ended their relationship. Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl no longer follow each other on social media following their breakup. There is one exception: Rohman still follows the daughter of Sushmita and Rohman’s ex-wife, Renee, on Instagram. Aside from Rohman Shawl, Sushmita follows only seven people on Instagram, none of whom are named.