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Sushant Singh Rajput’s niece Mallika Singh, slams trolls for targeting her aunt, Meetu Singh


Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput’s niece Mallika Singh speaks up for the actor’s sister, Meetu Singh who has been targeted by online trolls. The trolls
said that Meetu did not show ‘appropriate grief’ after the death of the actor.

Mallika shared a four point explanation in the comment section of her aunt’s post. She said, “Clearing out some of the misunderstandings about
my masi: 1. If you study up on psychology (I’m minoring in psychology at university) you’d know of a thing called “emotional numbing” by shock. You
can stop feeling emotions temporarily after trauma. She compulsively refused to believe it had happened. She was the first one to hear the news
from our family, she was the main shock absorber.” She further continued by telling people how she was the one to absorb all the shock first, she said,

“2.She was asked to keep it together for a little while by the lawyer, and watch how the investigation is carried out after she had fainted when she arrived. My mamu (SSR) had a lot of valuables in the apartment. She was asked to be alert.”

She talks about the bond between the siblings and the entire family, she said, “She was the one taught my mamu how to ride a motorbike and play cricket when he was young. My Meetu masi has nerves of steel. She is the strongest of the all the siblings. At the time, we didn’t know what was going on, we trusted the authorities to know what to do, just like any person in a democracy would. She was checking up on her daughter on the phone, because my little cousin wouldn’t stop crying, she was trying to sound
strong for her sake, for all of our sake. She’s the kind of person who’d always worry about other

people and completely neglect her own feelings. The reason she was adjusting her hair was because it was falling on her eyes, and the flashes of cameras were bothering her. We aren’t used to media attention.”

She later cleared all the speculations about Sandip Singh who claims to be Sushant’s friend, she said, “The family does not know who Sandip Singh is.
Meetu masi fainted after she saw the body, so somebody had to make sure she could walk okay and he just happened to be there. I repeat, she
doesn’t know Sandip Singh. Any unfair fingers pointed to my masi is an unfair finger pointed to my grandparents’ upbringing. The siblings had a
profound bond. They loved each other and I have witnessed it growing up. All my mamu’s older sisters pampered him after nani ma left us, and my
Meetu masi has been the strongest. Stop this campaign against the family, please. We’re fighting for with all emotional strength.”

We lost one of Bollywood’s most talented actor on the 14th of June 2020. A thorough investigation is being carried out. #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput is trending all over the world.