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Sulphate free shampoo is now trending. Everything you need to know is right here.

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We see a lot of ads these days of sulphate free shampoos. Many people use these shampoos for treating their hair. Not just that, even dermatologists and hair experts have recommended this for ages. But what exactly is a sulphate-free shampoo?

Hair is something most of us are concerned about. We want our hair to look amazing all the time. We want our hair to be in the best of its health – silky, smooth and shiny being the three main qualities we want our hair to have. Most hair experts have recommended sulphate-free shampoos for the longest time to ensure hair remains in the best of its health. Every shampoo or cleaner including facial cleaners most likely contains either of the two sulfates: Sodium laurel sulfate or Sodium Laureth sulfate.
But what do sulphates actually do?

So basically sulphates are the ingredient that is known to make the shampoo or any cleansing agent foam up. It is known to attract both oil and water. sulphates are known to help get rid of dead skin cells, dry and grime. Unfortunately, they also strip the skin of its natural oil, leaving the hair dry and brittle, This leads to problems like itching, dryness, and redness to those who have sensitive skin.

The benefits of sulphate free shampoos

• Maintains natural oil on hair

So this is the best benefit of sulphate shampoo.
Sulphate-free shampoos are known to help the natural oils produced by the scalp, reminder there rather than stripping the scalp off its oils. It ensures the hair stays more hydrated and is not stripped of the natural moisture, making it the go-to for people with sensitive and dry hair and scalp.

Sulphate-free shampoos don’t produce as much lather, so if you like foaming up or have oily skin, it is best to stick to a shampoo that contains sulfates.

• Long-lasting color

For people who have dyed and colored hair, sulphates only causes more damage to the already dry and brittle locks. Also, using sulfates on dyed hair most likely strips the color of the hair. Using a sulfate-free shampoo ensures that the color stays on longer.

• No irritation or dryness

Those of us with sensitive scalps know that the wrong hair products can make an already-challenging situation much, much worse. sulphate-free shampoos promise to be easier on sensitive scalps and won’t irritate any dryness or itchiness you’re already experiencing.

• Strengthens hair

Sulphate shampoos tend to make hair brittle, dry, and super weak. While sulphate-free shampoos do the opposite. They make hair healthier. They nourish and strengthen hair.