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Suicide-a repercussion of the entertainment industry or just another sad story??

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“Suicide is an act of cowardice”-what a cliché!! To some, it might just be another sad news in every day’s newspaper and to some, it might mean real pain. The world is not so unknown to these sad stories we hear around ourselves but yet we choose to turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, and mute mouth to everything that’s not related to us. This nonchalant attitude of people these days seems quite insensitive. 

We are quite familiar with the incidence of Sushant Singh Rajput’s sad demise that led the entire nation into an unexpected trail of grief with an irreplaceable loss to the entire entertainment sector. The irony of our society is that unfortunately, it takes someone to die for us to realize the gravity of someone’s presence and hard work. This hypocritical attitude of today’s crowd if been otherwise could have turned the tables. 

We never run out of those plastic saints who claim to be the “sensitive” ones in these topics and then end up posting pictures or feeds on committing suicides and the importance of mental health. The entertainment industry is no stranger to artists ending up their lives. The entire lives of these sedulous artists or let’s call them entertainers; go into entertaining us or making us smile. But yet we fail to acknowledge their hard- work and get frivolous on the mere ratings or the gross earnings of the entire film. 

The Hollywood or the Bollywood or the entire filmdom per is well-versed with the fact that the entertainers put their entire lives’ hard-work at stake when it comes to leading their lives with an epitome of well performed, well put pieces of arts in a crowd of millions. The list of those artists who left this world a little earlier than their time on this planet would definitely leave a distressing and heinous scar on our minds. One might feel that the artists taking those unspeakable actions would be facing some kind of distress or failures in their lives but believe you me, the listicle includes even some beautiful and quite successful artists at the peaks of their career and some who just were unable to sustain the exorbitant pressure from us. 

Believe you me, we never realize the kind of pressure we put on someone’s shoulders and yet we are the ones who end up judging them without knowing their stories. There are quite some factors responsible for letting people take such huge decisions and nowadays, the industry is bitten by the parasite called “depression”. It’s not that it wasn’t there earlier or it wasn’t affecting someone’s career but to bring it into the limelight took a precious life of one our beloved artist. 

Actors like Robin Williams who spent his entire life is cracking up people who knew was suffering from depression, Chester Bennington from our beloved lead vocalist from “Linkin Park”, Sushant Singh Rajput, Jiah Khan, Avicii and many more in this field were suffering from depression and ended up taking their lives and how we mistake ourselves to the falsities in their happiness and the perfection in their lives. 

Depression is an unsung story many live to tell and many don’t. However, nepotism is nowadays yet another facet to this story. The star kids sometimes just end up hogging away the limelight or someone’ deserved appreciation. People end up discouraging the new talent that walks into the industry with just mere hope of getting themselves settled in the dust of this show business. However, they work their socks off to get themselves to the place they deserve or the appreciation they’re supposed to be worthy of. But this industry turns out quite crucial for those who just come here to live their dreams because after all, it is a “show business”. 

We never know what kind of demons those artists fight every day to manage their struggle to survive, to breathe once again in this industry. But the abominable pressure makes it difficult to sustain. What Sushant went through which led him to take his life could have been another story if someone could’ve understood, been there for him, had his back through the thick and thin. We can never understand what one goes through unless and until we step into their shoes because the grass always looks greener on the other side. So, if someone commits suicide out of pressure or failure, let’s try stepping into their shoes once so that we can understand their story. Never call them coward because you never know how difficult it would’ve been to slit a wrist or hang oneself to the ceiling. When someone doesn’t offer you work just because of the previous failures kills you slowly. 

Depression is not a mere phrase and just because they’re successful or they seem happy doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings or their sorrows or they’re untouched with those human feelings. So, the industry needs to be more giving rather than taking from those artists. It needs to kick those unacceptable gestures or attitudes to the curb so that no newcomer or a rookie should feel uninvited in this filmdom. It needs to be a little more considerate and a little more appreciative and encouraging towards the new talent to make them feel that it’s okay to fall down, it okay to have one flop movie or several because life’s never going to cease amazing you. Just don’t steal their chance to amaze you. Their expressions show their dedication which makes us fall for the art even more because this industry never runs out!!! 

The film industry or the show business should let the new talent breathe some air of assurance and existence because there’s always going to be a feeling of being unwanted, there’s always going to be a devil called nepotism who deprives some of their right or their actual worth but in the end, what stands above all is the hard work, the talent, the hunger to be a part of this battlefield. Let them work; give them the opportunity to prove themselves because this can be a life-changing opportunity for someone. Accept them how they are because they aren’t just glam bots or happy faces or puppets out there to entertain you but they’re humans. Humans-who isn’t immune to the worldly pressure, to the emotions, to the failures, and to the successes. So, provide them the platform they need, provide them the help they need and be a little more sympathetic towards the artists is what the world asks right now!! 

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