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Stirred by getting suspicious packets in the Indian Embassy in Melbourne.

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A suspicious packet was found in the Indian Embassy in Melbourne. The Australian administration became alert with the news of the receipt of suspicious packets and the rescue team reached the embassy of India and France. According to media reports, after the news of the receipt of such suspected packets in 10 embassies, the operation operation has been started at large level.

Ambulance and firefighters have been deployed in addition to getting packets in the Indian Embassy. Embassy of India and US are located on St. Kilda Road, security of all the embassies has been increased. Several embassies, including Britain, Korea, Germany, are also believed to have affected the whole event.

Information about security operations was given by issuing tweets from the Australian Federal Police. The tweet said, “Police and emergency services have been alerted. The suspect packet is currently under investigation and the entire matter is being investigated. Metropolitan Fire Brigade told that the embassy is working with the Melbourne Police in investigating the case of getting suspicious packets.

There is no news of any injuries in the event of getting suspicious packets so far. Many important building of Melbourne have been seen entering the experts wearing chemical suits. Emergency websites are also placed on the alert. A few days earlier in Sydney, there was a ruckus for getting suspicious white packets in the Embassy of Argentina.