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State of emergency in the Arctic Circle. Know what happened.

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An oil spill took place in the Arctic Circle. The oil spill happened when a fuel tank at a power plant near the Siberian city of Norilsk collapsed last Friday.
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared a state of emergency because the diesel oil that was spilled in the river was nearly 20,000 tonnes.
During a televised government meeting to discuss it, Mr Putin criticised officials for what he claimed was a bungled state response. He said he was shocked to discover local authorities had only learned about it two days later from social media.
In the meeting, taking aim at the region’s governor, Alexander Uss, he said, “What are we to learn about emergency situations from social networks? Are you alright healthwise over there?”
The state environment watchdog reported 15,000 tonnes of diesel, oil products had seeped into the river system, which turned the river crimson, with another 6,000 into the subsoil – causing a fire and contaminating a 350 sq km (135 sq mile) area.
Alexi Knizhnikov, of the World Wildlife Fund, said the spill is believed to be the second largest in the modern Russian History. He added diesel fuel is lighter than oil, so it is likely to evaporate rather than sink, but is also “more toxic to clean up”.
“The incident led to catastrophic consequences and we will be seeing the repercussions for years to come,” Sergey Verkhovets, coordinator of Arctic projects for WWF Russia, said in a statement. “We are talking about dead fish, polluted plumage of birds, and poisoned animals”.
Russia’s environment minister, Dmitry Kobylkin, said he thought burning the fuel, which some are suggesting, was too risky.
“It’s a very difficult situation. I can’t imagine burning so much fuel in an Arctic Circle territory… such a huge bonfire over such an area will be a big problem”.