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Startup: Fashionable dress will be made from cow dung, unique startup in the Netherlands.

Lifestyle Startup

Eindhoven, A startup in the Netherlands has claimed to find a way to separate the cellulose from the cow dung to make fashionable dress. This startup bioart lab runs Jalila Esaidi. The fabric that is being made from cellulose is named as ‘mastic’. Shirt and top are being made from this. Startup has also succeeded in making bio-degradable plastic and paper from cellulose of cow dung.

Chivas Venture and H & M Foundation Global Award of $ 200,000 (1.40 million) for this innovation has also been given. Esaidi says that this is Future Fabric. We consider dung to be a waste material, but the oil used in the fabrication process at the initial level is not very good. We have to tell everyone about the beauty hidden in the cellulose of cow dung. Esaidi is currently working with 15 farmers on the project. They are going to start Manure Refinery Unit at the industrial level this year.

This is innovation
Esaidi said that the process of making cellulose is chemical and mechanical. The dung and cow urine that we get, it contains 80% water. Wet and dry parts are separated. Fertility is done to make cellulose from wet part solvent. Most of it is of grass and corn, which cows eat. The process is far better than the general textile industry, because fibers begin to become soft from the stomach of the cow itself.