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Started Britain’s first direct flight service from Australia.

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London, Britain’s first direct flight from Australia reached Sunday for 17 hours, 5 minutes on Sunday. It covered a distance of 14,875 km from Perth. The historic Qantas Flight QF9, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner landed at Heathrow airport at 5.03 in the morning with 230 passengers and crew. This is the first direct commercial jet journey between Australia and Europe. This flight is being interpreted by the aviation industry as transformational.

Qantas said that Dreamliners have 20 per cent better fuel capacity than this size plane. This distance of 14,875 km without any difficulty. The passengers had to face a few shocks shortly after the flight, because the aircraft was trapped in the cyclone Marcus. This happened because of Hurricane Marcus on the west coast of Australia.

QF 9 departed from Perth at 6.57 pm Saturday with company CEO Alan Joyce, Australia’s trade and tourism minister Steve and along with the journalists. After the aircraft landed, Captain Lisa Norman said, “I want to welcome you in the history of aviation.” They said, “The world is watching us today. Thank you for being part of a very magical and special moment.