Starship Project: Why Elon Musk’s most ambitious Starship project is in the news?

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX company has created history by sending only four civilians into space in a spacecraft. This is considered a crucial step in the world of the tourism industry. All the projects of Elon Musk are in discussion due to this incident, in which the most talked about Starship. Starship is not even built yet. In the civilian mission, SpaceX used the Falcon-9 rocket, with which the Dragon crew was sent to space, which has also brought back astronauts from the International Space Station. But Elon Musk’s ambitious project is Starship. Let us know why it is so essential that it is in the headlines even before it came into existence.

According to SpaceX, where the task of superheavy will be to take the spacecraft out of Earth’s gravity, for which it will also have the required amount of fuel. After this, the Starship can reach its destination, which includes Moon and Mars. The specialty of Starship will be that it can be launched back from the goal (Mars or Moon) and return to space without the help of super heavy. In which the low gravity of Mars will be helpful. Starship will be fully reusable. There is still a lot of work left on the super heavy.

The vehicle, now called Starship, was formerly called the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) and the Interplanetary Transport System (ITS). Over time, the name and its campaign have also become apparent. A starship is a super heavy-lift rocket that can deliver a vast amount of goods to space. The Starship is the second stage of the two-stage vehicle. This part will be all the cargo and crew, i.e. luggage and passengers. But it will be connected to the first stage superheavy.

Without the super heavy, the Starship would be 50 meters long and 9 meters wide. This will make it much larger than the Falcon-9, which is not more than three meters wide. Dragons that are like today’s version of Starship. The dragon is only 6.1 meters tall. The Starship will be powered by six 3D printed Raptor engines that can produce a thrust of 5550-kilo Newtons. At the same time, the Super Heavy will have 33 Raptor engines (there are currently 29 in the prototype) which will provide the force of 74 thousand kilo Newtons required for liftoff. The force of NASA’s Space Launch System will be 39 thousand kilonewtons.

The advantage of making a more giant rocket is that more weight can be carried than that, and its distance will also be more. Upon completion, the Starship will also take a load of 250 tons to the Earth’s low orbit. SpaceX is working on the option of refueling in space orbit. Elon Musk has been referring to starships with Mars missions for a long time. But it will not be used only for Mars. Before that, Starship can also be used for space and lunar tourism. Japanese billionaire Yusaka Maezawa will be one of the passengers for the DearMoon mission, which is scheduled to orbit the Moon in 2023.

NASA is also taking an interest in Starship. SpaceX currently tops the list of providing the Human Landing System to NASA for the Artemis mission to the Moon. Many parts of these campaigns are running behind schedule. But SpaceX has got the contract to take passengers to the Moon and return them from there, which Jeff Bezos is legally opposing. Musk’s company has completed a successful landing test of the Falcon-9 rocket. Musk has also said that Starship can also solve many problems of Earth’s transportation.

Elon Musk has mentioned Mars many times in his discussions. He has expressed his intention to start a settlement on Mars in this decade. Musk is looking to build a fleet of a hundred starships that will leave for Mars once every 26 months when Mars and Earth are closest. A hundred passengers will go in each round. Currently, Starship has completed two high-altitude flights with low-altitude trials. All this happened without the super heavy phase required for all Starship’s proposed far-reaching missions. Now Starship has been linked to Superheavy by SpaceX, but both have not been flight-tested.