Starlink led by Elon Musk is subsidizing internet costs in India


Starlink, led by Elon Musk, intends to subsidize expenses in India. According to reports, the SpaceX-owned satellite internet company sells its service in India at a lesser price than in other countries. Users in India showed a lot of interest in the service when the firm began accepting deposits in advance of pre-bookings in the country.

According to a report, Starlink wants to provide subsidized subscription rates in India. According to Sanjay Bhargava, India Head for Starlink, if the exact costs were passed on to users, it would be prohibitive for them to use the service.

In India, Starlink satellite internet will be more affordable.

After that, Bhargava suggested that the Starlink service’s benefits should outweigh its cost. The corporation intends to concentrate its efforts on its interior, where Internet connectivity is minimal. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the Internet by bringing lower prices and more accessible to everyone.

When it comes to the Starlink service in India, SpaceX began collecting reservations earlier this year. A deposit of INR 7,500 was required by buyers in India. As part of the package, it will supply a satellite dish, a receiver, and all the necessary equipment for putting it up. It is expected that at first, the speeds will be between 100 and 150Mbps.

But when more Starlink satellites are deployed in low-earth orbit, the speeds are estimated to exceed Gbps. By the second half of 2022, the service will be commercially available to the public.

According to Bhargava, Starlink will give away 100 devices to schools for free, with 20 going to Delhi schools and the remainder going to rural areas near Delhi.

Rumors of Starlink partnering with either Jio or Vodafone Idea in India have been circulating recently. This could make it easier for the company to reach more rural parts of the country, although, for the time being, this is only a rumor.