Space: US Army will build a space superhighway to travel to the moon, know what is the plan to beat China?

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Scientists of America and China are working continuously to establish the kingdom in space, and taking a step forward in this episode. The US military has announced to build a superhighway, which will make the journey to the moon easier. To make the journey to the moon easier, the US military has talked about building a ‘space superhighway’ and scientists have claimed that in the future, humans will be able to travel to the moon very easily through this space superhighway.

Building a ‘superhighway’ in space

It has been claimed that the way a common man plans a trip with his family now, in the coming future, he can travel to the moon in the same way. The US Transportation Command and the US Space Force are building a future space superhighway system that will enable the United States, commercial partners and allies to make regular trips to the Moon or beyond using multiple hubs. In this superspace highway, they can manufacture fuel, repair spacecraft and even throw rubbish.

Travel to the moon

America’s big objective behind building a superhighway in space is to overtake China’s expansionist policy. America believes that, before China builds any giant project in space, America should prepare its superhighway. Speaking at an event organized for space research, Space Force Brigadier General John Olson said, “We are constantly looking at the space policies of different countries and we have also seen the policies of China and we have decided that, We will complete this work soon with the help of our partners. We have created such values, we have created such principles, through which we can run governance.

Moon mission, China vs the US

The race is going on between China and America regarding the mission moon and even at this time America’s moon mission is much ahead of China. But China’s speed is faster than America. So now America wants to accelerate its pace so that it can get ahead of China.

America is once again preparing to land humans on the moon. At the same time, America’s Space General John took a dig at China and said that we are trying to find the place on the moon, where the base can be built. Under the Outerspace Treaty in 1967, no country in the world can claim its sovereignty in space or on the moon. That is, it cannot tell the moon its share, even if it was the first on the moon.

‘Moon is part of security’

The US Space General said that “They believe that the Moon is the fate of humans’ next step, a new part of the world’s economics and the Moon is part of the security equation for America.” At the same time, speaking on the panel, Sam Jimenes, CEO of Exploration Architecture Corporation, said that the mission to build a superhighway in space is about to take shape.

“Within this decade or by the middle of the next decade, we will begin operations on the lunar surface,” he said. Last year saw investments of more than $7.2 billion in smaller space companies focused on reaching space and Earth orbit, to which Sam Jimenes said, “We’re seeing that money move into the orbital domain.” where they are looking to build a depot”.

China’s Preparation for the Moon

China is also running the mission Moon at a very high speed and is preparing to build a giant megastructure of size several kilometres in the Earth’s orbit. In which facilities for solar power plant, tourist complex, gas station and asteroid mining will also be available.

In this regard, the Natural Science Foundation of China had also announced its five-year plan, in which it was said that scientists have been instructed to develop such technology and techniques and researchers are working very fast. In view of this, America has also started talking about the construction of such a superhighway, through which the moon can be easily reached from space.

Moon settlement mission

Recently, China had announced several missions to the Moon, after which the US has now joined hands with the arms manufacturer Northrop Grumman Corp. According to media reports, Northrop Grumman Corp has secured a NASA contract, which is worth $ 935 million.

Under this, habitable quarters will be created in the orbit of the Moon. Its official announcement was made in July this year. According to the company, the astronauts will stay in these quarters. He will also research Habitation and Logistics Outpost.

The joint mission of China and Russia

Along with this, Russia and China have also joined hands for the Moon mission. Under which they will build a Joint International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). This will be a kind of laboratory, which will work on the Moon. Both countries are now looking for partner countries to have a long-term, autonomous and comprehensive scientific experiment based on the lunar surface. An agreement related to this was also signed by both countries in March. Including the construction of research centres both on the Moon and in its orbit.

What is the roadmap?

According to the roadmap, the station will operate automatically until both countries have fully trained their crew. Apart from this, the initial exploration mission is likely to start by the end of this year. While the construction of the base on the Moon may start in 2025. It is expected that the entire work will be completed by 2035. By the way, countries like America, India are also engaged in carrying out many missions on the Moon.

In the matter, Wu Yanhua, deputy head of the Chinese space agency, said that they have started the ILRS program with Russia, any international partners who want to take part in it are welcome. The first phase of this program will start by the end of this year. After this, the second phase will run between 2026 and 2035. Then the third phase will start in 2036.