Space: Those 5 planets of space, which can be seen with the naked eye without binoculars

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Space has always attracted humans. Especially at night, space seems like a new world full of mysteries. If you believe that humans can only see stars, falling stars, moon, and Sun without any technology, then you are wrong. You can also see other planets without a telescope, with ordinary eyes.

Out of the 9 planets, 5 planets can be seen from Earth with our own eyes. These planets include Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. Because the planets themselves do not produce any light. They can be seen only from sunlight, unique places, and from particular angles. Every planet can be seen in unique positions. According to old Greek tales, it is possible to see these planets but not simultaneously.

How to see the closer planets in space from Earth?

How will the planet Mercury look?

The planet Mercury is closest to the Sun. Therefore, it can be easily seen during the rising and setting of the Sun. According to research, it can be seen especially when Mercury is 10 degrees above the horizon. So it is easy to see both sunrise and sunset. In the Earth’s northern hemisphere, this happens during the evening hours in April and May and during the morning between October-November.

How will the planet Venus be seen?

Venus is one of the five planets visible from Earth, which is usually the most easily seen. It can be seen in all months of the year except June. Not in June because the sunlight is highest during this time. Venus is visible in the west during the evening and in the east during the morning. Its brightness is the highest compared to ordinary stars in space.

See red planet like this
Mars can be seen from Earth from dusk to dawn. Because Mars has its own red glow. It is present on the opposite side of the Sun. While the moon is near. It is believed that instead of a telescope, it is better to see it with the ordinary eye. When Mars is closer to Earth, it can be seen more quickly.

How to look at the farther planets?

How will the planet Jupiter look?
When Venus is not visible in much sunlight in June, the path is cleared for Jupiter. It can be seen in the western part of space at night. Jupiter is most clearly visible in the celestial objects visible in June.

How to see the planet Saturn?
During the summer, between May and July, Saturn can be seen without a telescope and technology. It is possible to see it at night during the first three months. It can be seen in the opposite direction after sunset. Saturn leaves from the east and goes to the west.