Space: Planet 11 times the size of Jupiter found in space, scientists are surprised to see the photo

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Space: Chilean space scientists have discovered a giant planet. It is 11 times larger than Jupiter, the most giant planet in our Solar System. This planet is orbiting two bright stars in the southern sky. This planet has been named B Centauri. Scientists are also surprised to see this giant photo.

The B Centauri planet is about 325 light-years away from Earth. The orbit of this gas-filled planet is 100 times wider than that of Jupiter. The secret is that the B-Century planet appears to have formed there. In this study published on Wednesday in the journal Nature, astronomers have given complete details about their discovery. This is the first time that a gas-filled planet has been discovered around a star, three times our Sun’s size.

There are two stars in the B-Century system – b Centauri A and b Centauri B. If these two are combined, they can be 6 to 10 times more massive than the Sun. They must be a giant planet of this size. Both are very hot, which is different from usual. This new discovery could change what we know about the formation of planets so far. Johnson said that the information received so far about this planet is bizarre.

Marcus Johnson and his team have discovered this planet through the European Telescope of Chile. Johnson told Inverse, ‘I thought there would be no planets around the stars, which would be interesting. But there are many possible planets around it, which can be more interesting.