Space: Billions of years ago, the Earth was a ball of fire, then where did the oxygen come from?

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How did life develop on Earth? How did oxygen get here? Is there life on other planets in the universe? These are some of the questions on which research has been going on for centuries. It has become clear from the research so far that the Earth and other planets were born due to a massive explosion about 4.6 billion years ago. At that time, the Earth was like a ball of fire, which gradually cooled down, and then life originated here. But this is the biggest question that after the cooling of the Earth, where did the most essential oxygen and water for life come from here? The US space agency NASA has answered this question in its recent research.

According to the website, billions of years ago, many space rocks collided with the Earth. These rocks were nothing but asteroids and comets. These asteroids and tail stars created the atmosphere on Earth and filled it with oxygen.

According to the report, it had no atmosphere when the Earth formed about 4.6 billion years ago. As the Earth cooled, so did the formation of the atmosphere. But in the beginning, this atmosphere was mainly carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas.

Life was impossible
It was impossible to imagine life with these gases. But suddenly, the chemistry of the Earth’s surface changed, and the amount of oxygen here increased significantly. We call this whole process the Great Oxidation Event (GOE).

According to the report, 2.5 to four billion years ago, there was a rain of asteroids and tail stars on Earth. The size of some of these rocks was up to 10 km. These rocks initially influenced the chemistry of the Earth’s surface, and the generation of oxygen began.

Earth had no atmosphere
In this latest report, it has been said that these asteroids and tail stars rained at a much faster rate than we previously thought. This research was led by Nadja Drabon, assistant professor of Earth and Planetary Science at Harvard University. He is a co-author of this study. He has said that oxygen is essential for any organism. If there is no oxygen in the atmosphere, the whole creation will end.

According to the report, when the asteroid or tail star collided with the Earth, it produced a steam balloon. After this, some of these steamy mountains began to compress, and they again fell to the Earth. For this reason, he created particles like sand.

Actually, scientists were not able to study the origin of these tiny particles of mountains until now. Researchers studied these small particles of mountains. From this, a lot was revealed about the mystery of the origin of the Earth.