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South Korea: After the allegation of attempt to rape at the pastor, the Catholic Church sought the apology.

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Seoul, The Catholic Church of South Korea apologized publicly for trying to misbehave with a woman. This is one of the latest developments involving fast moving ‘Me To Movement’.

The Anti-Exploitation Movement #MeToo is growing at a very slow pace in South Korea. Long-term sexual matters here are generally not discussed. In the case of gender equality last year, South Korea’s rank in 118 countries in the World Economic Forum is 118th.

During a 2011 raid in southern Sudan with a female worker on a paster of the Catholic Diocese of Suwon, many times have been accused of being raped. The priest accepted these allegations and after that he was removed.

Catholic Bishop Conference of Korea’s Archbishop Hygiene Kim Hye-Jung organized a press conference in Seoul and apologized to the victim and his family. He said, “It is very disappointing and shameful to be guilty of such a scandal at a post like a priest.” Kim also said that legal action is being taken against the guilty.