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South China Sea is rapidly becoming a military outpost of China.

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China has invested many years in preparing a military outpost on the islands of South China Sea. A project has significantly separated China from its neighboring countries and the US. This creation of China has the eyes of many countries of the world. China is engaged in this area for years to build. Although its neighboring countries are protesting a lot of Chinese activities.

In South China Sea, China has made a lot of preparations for the project that is currently underway. First, remove the debris from the shores of the sea and throw it on the nearby wasteland. After this number came of the building. It was once said that it is for civil purposes, but now analysts say they are small military installations. After this it was discussed internationally. But the construction continues. Now the islands of this group are known as Spratly, where China began construction on a large scale in 2013, this place has now been transformed from barren land to military outpost. It can be seen clearly in its new photos.

A newspaper in the Philippines has released these pictures with an anonymous formula, which can be clearly seen at what level the work is going on. The Pentagon and the Philippines military have refused to comment on any of these photographs. New York Times has also not confirmed these pictures independently, it is being said that these pictures are from June 2016 to December 2017.

Conor Coronin, Research Associate of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative of the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, says that in the new pictures the buildings are of the same scale as their group has taken from this region earlier, but the shocking thing is that These pictures also have complete information about the superficial level required. They said, ‘These are rare shots for public viewing. This is another indication of how well the facilities were developed there and the kind of capacity building is going to be there.

Those neighboring countries have also expressed displeasure on the development of Spratly, which claim their respective islands. In different ways, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia make their claims on these parts.

The ‘Mischief Reef’ which was once fully water, has developed 1379 acres of land in China. In the pictures taken, about 2 miles of runway and buildings can be seen clearly. Experts say that they will now operate from these outside runways. When the ASEAN group of 10 countries was being talked about the Code of Conduct for construction in the sea, China was in progress at that time.