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South China Sea: Experts warn China, dealing with the US will require 1000 nuclear warheads.

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Experts have advised China to increase the number of nuclear weapons in the South China Sea amid growing tension with the US. Experts have emphasized the need for the H-20 strategic stealth bomber and the JL-3 submarine to launch ballistic missiles to avoid the US military attack.

Chinese government media Global Times reported that the United States, South China Sea, East China Sea, and Taiwan Strait have been pressuring Beijing by sending all types of warships and warplanes. Newspaper editor Hu Xijin said on Friday that China would have to increase its number of nuclear warheads to 1,000 to deal with the US.

China scared of American ship practice
The newspaper quoted a Reuters report as saying that the Pentagon was going to deploy a Tomahawk cruise missile in the South China Sea to stop Chinese military activity. Since May 1, the US has sent a B-1B strategic bomber to the East China Sea three times. At the same time, the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USA Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Ambibius Assault Ship have practiced in the South China Sea on 15 March.

China alleges that amid the Coronavirus epidemic, US expert Song Zhongping said on Friday that the US was pressuring and threatening China. The United States is deploying nuclear weapons on the battlefield, so China will have to increase its number of nuclear weapons.

‘China’s no first use policy’
Will China build more nuclear weapons and DF-41 missiles? On whether China would enter into an arms treaty with the US, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuning said on Friday that big countries should value responsibility and work on reducing strategic nuclear weapons. He said that China has always believed in the ‘no first use’ policy.