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Solar System: Did Mars ever look like Earth?

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The planets in our solar system were formed from a protoplanetary disk. The rocky planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, started the same way, while gaseous planets like Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune were formed differently. Yet, the similarities between the inner four worlds are very few. A question related to these is whether Mars was once exactly like Earth. Now a scientist from NASA has given the answer to this question. In a video interview, NASA astronomer Dr. Becky Macaulay Ranch says that the Red Planet was not always as dry today.

According to NASA’s own website, Mars has weather like Earth. There are ice sheets at the poles, there are volcanoes, there are valleys. Such marks have been found here, which shows that once there used to be flooded. Apart from this, there is also evidence that there used to be liquid salty water here. This evidence has been found in the hilly areas of Mars. It is clear from all this that there are many similarities between our neighboring Red Planet and our own planet.

NASA shared this interview only last month. In this, a straight and simple question was asked from Ranch. Did Mars ever look like Earth? The Ranch also directly answered and said, yes, we think he used to look like the Earth before. After this, Ranch said that Mars must have been wet and hot before, just like our own blue planet. Generally, only the world Venus has been compared to Earth. But it is much less than Mars.

Explaining his point, in this interview, Ranch said that whenever the Solar System formed 4 billion years ago, then Earth and Mars were made of the same material, so they looked so similar. Huh. He said that whenever we look at Mars today, we see an arid planet entirely opposite the Earth, which looks like blue marble.

Ranch says that his belief that Mars would have once been like Earth is evidence found on Mars, suggesting that many ancient streams on Mars must have been flowing on Mars. It is also possible that there was a shallow northern ocean on Mars. But both the planets took different paths, and today they look entirely different, making it impossible to believe that they could have been together.

Regarding the separation of the two planets, Ranch said that while life flourished on Earth, geological activity on Mars began to decrease. There was no water, and it became a dry place. That is why it is such a fascinating planet to study. Its study will not only know about its history, but it will also understand how the Earth and planets are formed in the solar system. But Mars looked like Earth a long time ago.

NASA says that Mars is a cold desert world that is half the size of Earth. It is called the Red Planet because its land is of rusty iron. NASA believes that there are traces of floods of old times on Mars, but now there is only water in icy dust and thin clouds. Scientists are waiting to know whether there was ever any kind of life on this red planet. The current missions of Mars are working in this investigation.