Solar storm

Solar storm raised in space rapidly moved towards Earth, likely to hit today, alert issued

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The strong solar storm raised in space is rapidly moving towards the Earth. Scientists have feared that today the effect of this storm can be seen on the Earth. Scientists have officially issued a warning that the impact of this storm is likely to be seen rapidly on Earth, and there may be a power outage in many parts of the world today. At the same time, American scientists have said that this storm can directly collide with our Earth.

A solar storm erupts in space
American scientists have expressed apprehension that the Northern Lights coming out due to this storm will be seen in New York. An alert has been issued by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), warning that geomagnetic storms could cause lightning strikes in many parts of the Earth and solid magnetic force in many places. Due to this, the power grid can also get damaged.

The satellite will be affected
The US agency NOAA has issued an alert saying that many satellites can also be damaged due to this high-speed solar storm and give many types of wrong information. This means those satellites will have to be regained control and fixed. The US agency has said that the storm’s impact is likely to increase. It may rise to the category of G-2, which, according to the NOAA agency, strengthens slightly.

What is a solar storm?

Regarding the solar storm, University of California scientist Sangeeta Abdu Jyoti had told in the past that, in the coming future, the Earth may have to face a giant solar storm. Solar storm means coronal mass emanating from the sun, which can be highly damaging and destructive.

According to this report, internet service on Earth may come to a standstill or may be closed for several days due to this solar storm. It can also affect the power supply.

In many countries, power grids can fail, due to which they may have to remain in the dark for several days. Sangeeta showed her study to the scientists at the SIGCOM 2021 Data Communication Conference. After which the concern of the scientists has increased.

What scientists’ research says

Sangeeta has said in her research that due to solar storms, there will be less impact on the local internet system. But it can affect the internet cable spread in the oceans around the world. According to research, the geomagnetic current generated during the solar storm will not directly affect the fiber optics of the Internet. Still, the maritime Internet cable connecting the countries of the world will be affected. The countries that have connected these cables to their optics will be many days. Internet service may be interrupted to date.

Less information on solar storm

According to the researcher, our knowledge about the solar storm is less, and we lack data related to it, due to which its damage can be more. According to research, solar storms damage power grids. Because of the possibility of a solar storm coming on the Earth. There is a danger of blackout in many countries. Many countries of the world can drown in darkness. Internet service may be damaged. This can have an effect on navigation, satellites.

Damage to Internet service

Sangeeta has said in her report that repeaters are installed to maintain the flow of current in ocean cables connecting the countries of the world. It is very sensitive to solar storms if a solar storm occurs. If so, these repeaters may be damaged, and the cable supply may be interrupted. If the internet service is stopped, then there may be chaos. The economy may take a beating. The economy of many countries could be ruined.

Impact on telecom sectors as well

She said that if an intense solar storm arises, the telecom sector may come to a standstill, the defense sector, IT, banking services may be closed. According to research, their effect can be even more terrible due to less information about solar storms. According to Sangeeta, the world is not quite ready for this solar storm. Due to which its effect can be more devastating. We can’t even imagine what the impact would be if the internet service was stopped. The economy of many countries could be ruined.