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Social networking site Facebook has launched a new feature called “Your Time on Facebook”.

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San francisco, It is news that, a social networking site Facebook has launched a new feature called ‘Your Time on Facebook’. Through this feature it will know how much time the user has spent on Facebook every day in the week. At the same time, you can also get information on how much time you spend on Facebook daily.

According to media reports, through this new feature, users will get this option to restrict the time spent on Facebook daily. Apart from this, users will also get a link to manage their Facebook notifications.

Facebook spokesman said, “We always try to improve the users’ experience on Facebook so that people can spend a good time on this platform.” Earlier, companies such as Apple and Google have also brought features that allow people to control their time spent on computers and smartphones.

If you use the internet then it is almost certain that you also use Facebook. But do you have to use Facebook completely? There are so many features on Facebook that many people do not know about. Presenting some tricks, knowing who you will be the master of Facebook.

According to the report, “This self-monitoring feature can be very important because already iOS and Android are launching such features on your platform, so you will know which time you are spending on which app you are using and through this feature you You can set your time limit. ‘ It has been reported in the report that Facebook has said that this feature is being developed now. However, the company has not even told when it will be launched for all users.

There can be more than just connecting with friends on Facebook and watching videos and so on. You will also be able to find the news on this platform and also enjoy entertaining things. But do you know that you can do more than all these things on Facebook? We are currently telling you about 8 such tricks of Facebook, which you probably have not heard before.

1. View your activity

On the Facebook profile page, you will see Activity Log – everything happens – your posts, what you’ve been, what you commented, or what life events you’ve added. Only you can see it. You can also see what date you have done.

2. Secret Conversation

When you use Facebook Messenger, you can choose whether the message is end-to-end encrypted or not. This feature is the default in Whatsapp, but the messenger has to turn it on. Go to Messenger settings and tap on Secret Conversations and turn it on.

3. Add Legacy Contact

After you go, your Facebook account remains active. If you want to be supervised even after you go, then Facebook should know which one you want to access. Go to Settings> Security> Legacy Contact on the app and add any Facebook contact here. You can give access to your old posts and also send a message to this contact and tell it about it.

4. Upload to HD

When you upload a photo or video to Facebook, it is resized, keeping in mind the space, data and upload speed. But if you want your content to remain in HD then you can go to Settings> Videos and Photos and turn on Upload HD options for both.

5. See, where are you logged in

Often we login Facebook with lots of devices and browsers. If you want to see where you are online yet, go to Settings> Security> Where You’re Logged In Here you will see the location on which device you are online with. Remove the places where you do not know the activity, remove it from there.

6. ‘On This Day’ feature

A fun feature of Facebook is ‘On This Day’ – it reminds you that on the same day what you posted in the last few years, in which photos you were tagged etc? If Facebook is not giving you notifications, you can turn it on. Login to the web browser and then go to

7. Do not Miss Important Things

You may have followed a lot of pages or accounts. Some of them will be important and some less important. Facebook gives you the convenience that you can set your priorities and on the basis of that they appear in your news feed. Go to Settings> News Feed Preferences> Prioritize Who to See First. Decide here with whose posts you want to see first.

8. Play games within Messenger app

Some games have been inserted inside your Facebook Messenger app. Start conversation with someone and send @fbchess play. This is not a simple game. You have to select a piece and put it on the board.

Apart from this, you can also play basketball and soccer dribble. Send someone a basketball or soccer emoji in chat to chat them and tap on it.