Skincare Tips: Know what is Bakuchi Oil, you will be stunned to know the benefits

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Skincare Tips: Every day new types of skincare products come into the market. But not everyone’s skin is the same, so the product selection also has to be done carefully. Along with this, also know what nutrition your skin needs. Because the product and brand are good but not according to your skin. Retinol is also used for anti-ageing.

It helps you a lot in reducing the fine lines, wrinkles coming on the face. However, for some, it also has the opposite effect: skin redness, itching, or sensitivity. But now, another option of retinol is also available, Bakuchi oil. Yes, this oil is prepared naturally. This oil is extracted from the leaves and seeds of the Babchi plant. At the same time, researchers say that there is no side effect of applying it.

Let’s know the benefits of Bakuchi oil for skincare

Increase Collagen: Collagen is a type of protein. Due to this, our skin remains very young. As we age, the amount of collagen in the body decreases, due to which problems like wrinkles, hair fall, joint pain start to arise. By applying it, the cells get nourishment.

Reduce Fine Line: When there is a lot of tension, the line starts appearing on the face. By applying it, a sufficient amount of collagen is formed, which keeps the skin healthy. Bakuchi is much better than retinol. Bakuchi oil does not cause any irritation. Also, the risk of side effects is significantly less.

Repair the skin: Bakuchi oil can be applied at any time as compared to other creams. Also, it repairs the face from the inside, which does not cause skin damage. Not only this, but the glow of the face also remains intact.

How to use –

Be aware that bakuchi oil can be used anytime. But do not use it with toner or as an exfoliant. It can be used with serum, lotion, or moisturizer. It also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays like retinol and does not cause any harm. At the same time, the skin always remains young.