Skincare Tips: Get rid of dry skin, make oil at home.

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Skincare Tips: Many people have dehydrated skin. They constantly use something or the other on their face so that the skin does not look dry. But after some time, the skin becomes dry and lifeless again. There are many cosmetic products available in the market. Applying which can make your skin soft. But for this, you can prepare essential oil at home, which will add to your dry skin. Yes, after applying it, your skin will become very soft. So let’s know which are those two oils and how to use them for skincare –

Rose Water Oil for skincare


It must have sounded strange to hear. But essential oil can be prepared by mixing rose water and almond oil. Due to which your face will also glow, and the skin will not be dry. Let’s know how to make –

-First of all, put rose petals in almond oil and keep it.
-The next day, filter them and set them aside. After that, put new leaves in it.
-Follow the same process the next day as well. Do this for three days.
-Keep in mind that make it in a glass vial only.
-After this, filter and separate the leaves.
-Your essential oil is ready. Apply it every night before sleeping and sleep.

Oil made from lemon

Lemon is the best source of Vitamin C., And vitamin C is essential for the skin. In such a situation, preparing essential oil from the lemon will be effective. Let’s know how to prepare –

-First of all, take coconut oil and put lemon peels in it. And place that bowl in hot water.
-Let it cook on low flame.
-Do this until the fragrance starts coming.
-After smelling, close it and after cooling it, filter it and fill it in a glass bottle.
-Your essential oil is ready to use.