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Skincare Tips: Excessive use of Multani mitti causes damage to the skin, definitely know

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Skincare Tips: Due to changing routines and dusty soil, many types of skin problems start happening on the face. Like acne on the face or excessive dryness of the skin, in such a situation. We try many skincare tips so that we can get rid of skin-related problems. In which one remedy is also of Multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth).

Most people apply Multani mitti on the face to make the skin glowing and glowing on the face, without knowing how beneficial it is for their skin or how harmful it is. It is also very harmful.

Harmful for sensitive skin

Such people whose skin is sensitive should use Multani mitti sparingly. Because due to its excessive use, it also brings rash on the face and the skin starts looking lifeless and dull.

Harmful for dry skin

Multani mitti is very harmful to dry skin. It dries out the skin a lot. Due to which the skin starts looking lifeless. And the face becomes very dry.

Cold and cough
Such people who have a cold or cough should keep some distance from Multani Mitti. Because the effect of Multani mitti is cold, due to which the problem of cold and cough increases.

Wrinkles may occur

If using Multani mitti regularly, stop it immediately. It brings wrinkles to the skin. So it is better to use less of it.