Skincare: These home remedies can get rid of unwanted hair on the forehead

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Skincare: Unwanted hair on the forehead creates a hindrance to your beauty. Many women prefer threading for a clean forehead, but some do not even due to the pull. In such a situation, new methods are tried, but the grandmother’s recipe is being searched even today. Due to which there is no risk of any kind of side effect in your skincare. So let us tell you how to remove unwanted forehead hair in the following way.

  1. Honey and Potatoes
    Both these things work to enhance the beauty of the face. However, a mixture of these two will be prepared to remove unwanted hair. For this, grate the potatoes. Then mix honey in it. After the mix of both is made, add two to three drops of lemon to it. Mix it and apply it to the forehead. After drying, remove it with your fingers. And then wash off with water.
  2. Milk and gram flour

Add 1 teaspoon gram flour and a little milk to it. Keep the paste thick. After making a paste, apply it to the forehead. When it starts to dry, clean them by coloring them with fingers. This will make the hair look lighter. Also, even if the tanning on the forehead is clear, the hair will be less visible.

  1. Rub with a towel
    Yes, hair remains very soft after a bath. In such a situation, rub the hair of the forehead with a towel with light hands. With this, they will start getting cleaned gradually in a natural way. Do this daily for a month.