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Skin Care Tips: Ice will increase the glow of the face

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Skin Care Tips: Ice is often used to make something cold. But apart from having the benefits of eating, it also takes care of your skin. However, applying ice for just 2 minutes helps in removing many problems related to the face. A small piece of ice works like magic on the face. Let’s know how to massage with different ice cubes and get glowing skin.

Take a look at the benefits of these Skin Care Tips:

  1. Eliminate wrinkles around the eyes – If you are troubled by wrinkles, then an aloe vera ice cube is the best option. Yes, keep moving the ice cube on the face with light hands for 15 seconds. Apply regularly. This will give you relief very soon. If the weather is cold, you should apply only between 12 and 2 o’clock in the day. By doing this, it will not get cold.
  2. Eliminate eye fatigue – Working for a long time on the computer and laptop often causes fatigue in the eyes at night. For this, apply a frozen ice cube by adding rose water to the ice tray for 15 seconds before sleeping at night. This will give relief to the eyes to a great extent. Dark circles are also reduced by applying rose water ice cubes.
  3. Get rid of dark circles – If you are struggling with the problem of dark circles, then apply an ice cube of potato juice daily. Doing this regularly will give relief in dark circles.
  4. Problems of pores – Due to the closure of pores on the face, pimples start appearing on your face. In such a situation, make ice cubes by mixing cucumber and lemon juice. Apply on the face regularly for 15 seconds. With this, there will be a glow on the face when the closed pores are opened, and there will be no pimples.
  5. Sunburn – The weather varies. Sometimes the sun becomes very bright, and sometimes it is significantly less. The problem of sunburn starts in strong sunlight. In such a situation, before going out, massage the face with an ice cube of basil. It will not cause sunburn. You can also use just plain ice cubes instead of basil.

How to massage with ice

Ice is freezing. In such a situation, do not apply ice directly on your face. Use it by wrapping it in cotton, polythene, or muslin cloth. Also, do not apply ice on the face for more than 30 seconds.