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Skin care tips: Bring glow in your skin in 15 days by adopting these 5 things

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Skin care tips: If you want to get a natural glow on your face even in a short time, then let us tell you how you can see the difference on your face in 15 days. For this, you just have to try these 5 things regularly for 15 days or till you see the difference.

By the way, by massaging any oil on the skin, the blood flow increases, and the skin glows. But if you have dry skin, you must rub almond oil on the face twice a week.

Apply gram flour and lemon facemask once in 2 weeks. It is also relatively easy to make. You have to mix only a few drops of lemon in about two spoons of gram flour and apply this paste to the face. This gives an instant glow to the face.

Drinking plenty of water also makes a face glow. Therefore, to get beautiful skin, you should drink 8-12 glasses of water daily.

Eating 4 cucumbers also brings a glow to the face. Try to eat one cucumber every day. The vitamins present in it are beneficial for the skin. Add this in your skin care routine.

5 Coconut water tones the skin and helps in bringing a natural glow to the face. Calcium is found in abundance in it, due to which bones are also strong, and it also gives many other health benefits. So drink it daily too.