gelatin stick, Tiruchy,Six year old boy dies after mistakenly eating explosives

Six-year-old boy dies after mistakenly eating explosives, thinking it is food.

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In a devastatingly horrific incident, a six-year-old boy was killed after he took a bite out of a gelatin stick which was kept for fishing near Thottiyam in Tiruchirappalli district, Tamil Nadu.

Reportedly the young boy mistook the explosive for snacks.

The victim was identified as Vishnu Dev, he resided with his father, Boopathi in Alagarai village near Thottiyam block, Tamil Nadu.

Being a daily wage earner, the child’s father along with his elder brother Gangadharan used to fish in the Cauvery river using these explosive sticks.

On the 9th of June 2020, Tuesday, Gangadharan along with their friends Mohanraj and Tamilasaran approached Selvakumar who works in a stone quarry in Pappapatti village and bought three gelatin sticks for fishing in Cauvery river (Placing net in the flow area, the explosives used to be dropped in the water to scare the fishes into the net).

Later they went for fishing and used two of the gelatin sticks, returning back with an extra one which is when Vishnu spotted the gelatin stick wrapped in explosive material and took a bite thinking it was a biscuit or a candy.

The stick instantly exploded in his mouth and caused severe injuries. The noise was extremely loud, on hearing it Boopathi and Gangadharan rushed him to a medical facility for treatment, but he was declared dead even before reaching the facility.

Fearing the consequences, they decide to perform the last rites and cremate the body on the same night itself without informing the authorities.

Later, Gangadharan, Mohanraj, Boopathi, and Selvaraj were arrested under the explosive act and also causing the death of the child.

Further investigations are underway to nab and arrest Tamilarasan who has been on the run.