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Sisi again becomes President of Egypt, take Sworn.

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Cairo, Egyptian President Abdul Fatah al-Sisi took oath on Saturday for the second term of his four year term as President. Sisi had won 97 percent of the valid votes in the presidential election held in March last year. He took oath in front of members of his government in the House.

Considering oath, complete security arrangements were made throughout Cairo. After the swearing, 21 guns salute was given. Al Sisi expressed his commitment to restore stability, improve economy and work on countering terrorism in the Northern Sinai Peninsula.

He said that he will focus on education and health care during his second term. After the demonstration on the streets in 2013, Sisi, who was the army chief, removed Egypt’s first elected President Mohammed Morsi from power. Sisi won a massive majority in 2014. There was no serious challenge in front of Sisi. His only rival Musa Mustafa Musa was relatively less popular. Musa himself is also a supporter of Sisi.