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Singer Monali Thakur says husband Maik Richter was ‘thrown out of India’ on wedding day.

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Famous Bollywood singer Monali Thakur, who recently revealed that she has been secretly married to London – based restaurateur Maik Richter since 2017, has recalled the story of how her husband Maik was deported from India on their wedding day. In a recent interview, Monali said that due to a misunderstanding over passport Maik was forced out of the country on the day they were supposed to tie the knot along with all the registrations.

In the interview she said, “The day Maik was coming to India to do the registration, it was a hilarious episode. We thought we would not get married only. Maik came to India without a visa. Since he had a German passport, some fool told him that he doesn’t need a visa. He was not allowed to enter the country. He was thrown out of India. And I was waiting there in the registration office.”

“Somehow, the Government of India and the Home Ministry helped us a lot. They were so kind. They actually helped us a lot. Like a jail kaidi, he (Maik) was locked up at the airport for the entire day. He was sent back. When he stopped at Abu-Dhabi mid-way, he was brought back by the government. And then, we got married somehow,” she added.

The couple is currently quarantining together in Switzerland, with his family. The singer’s latest single in out, titled ‘Dil ka Fitoor’ where her husband Mail is seen alongside, his debut as an actor. The song has been composed by composer duo – Kaushik – Guddu