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Singapore University of Technology has speculated that the Coronavirus in Britain may end in September and America by November.

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There are many questions about the coronavirus in people’s minds. Especially due to being locked in lockdown, this concern is also eating everyone till when will they face such a situation. Now scientists have estimated how long the coronavirus will live in some countries of the world. According to the Innovation Lab of the Singapore University of Technology, the COVID-19 crisis in Britain is going to last until 30 September.

When will these countries end

Accordingly, it will take until November 11 in the US, while in Italy it will end on August 12. At the same time, Singapore will get rid of the coronavirus on 19 July. All these dates are calculated on the basis of current conditions, infection rates, and death data. Due to this, these standards are expected to change as well as change the date. This estimate is also important because a few days ago the experts claimed that by June in the UK, the corona deaths due to corona would be over.

Found No end date
The SUT has issued a warning along with these estimates. According to this, ‘models and data are quite complex and are also changing depending on the condition of different countries. It is difficult to guess clearly about them. It has also been said that the first date should not be over-exaggerated considering the last. It should not happen that the severity of people decreases and they stop taking necessary steps to control the virus.

‘Maybe we can’t find a vaccine’
At the same time, a few days ago, British officer Alok Sharma said that it is possible that the UK could never find the vaccine of Covid-19. “Despite the relentless efforts of our scientists, it is possible that we will never get a successful coronavirus vaccine,” he said during the regular press conference. “Two of the world’s biggest frontrunners who want to get vaccinated in Britain are Oxford University and Imperial College London.