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Sikh activists demanded apology from Kamala Harris.

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A group of Sikh activists has asked the Democrat Kamala Harris to apologize through an online application to defend religious discriminatory policies in 2011. American Indian American Kamala Harris is the claimant of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy.

Explain that according to the 2011 law, the security personnel of the jail were not allowed to get a beard even for religious reasons. He was getting a discount for health reasons. According to a statement, these Sikh activists have accused Harris of defending this policy of not growing a beard while maintaining California’s attorney general. The US Law Department had to start investigating the civil rights laws regarding the lawsuits which were settled in 2011 without policy changes.

Due to the lobbying of the Sikhs in California, the next year, there was a more religious exemption policy on the workplace. Rajdeep Singh Jolly, a lawyer associated with the petition, said, “Kamala Harris is giving speeches to his opponents on civil rights, but they should apologize for playing with the rights of American Sikhs as California’s attorney general.” That Harris did not give religious freedom to the American Sikhs even when President Barack Obama considered taking a historic step in this direction.