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Shweta Tiwari and Disha Parmar wore the very same suit on Diwali, who replicated the look?

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On the occasion of Deepavali, Disha Parmar and Shweta Tiwari have confounded fans by wearing a similar suit. After this, individuals have begun theorizing wh0 of the two actresses has copied the other?

Television sequential star Shweta Tiwari is reliable about her looks and style. Maybe this is the motivation behind why the ‘Kasauti’ fame actress wins individuals’ hearts with her style sense.

While most celebs decided on dim conventional dresses on the event of Diwali, Shweta Tiwari wanted to wear a light blue suit on this exceptional event. This suit looked exceptionally adorable and everybody commended Shweta Tiwari’s Diwali look. However, here this time Shweta Tiwari was crushed for a specific explanation.

All things considered, the suit that Shweta Tiwari wore was actually equivalent to Disha Parmar, the sweetheart of Bigg Boss 14 hopeful Rahul Vaidya. Disha Parmar additionally wore a similar bean suit on the event of Diwali.

Shweta Tiwari and Disha Parmar picked this current fashioner’s collection

For the exceptional event of Diwali, both these stars wanted to wear light shades and straightforward suits. The actress has taken this suit from Ambari Collection. With which both the stars have made their look incredibly uncommon with light makeup.

Disha Parmar is dating Rahul Vaidya

Nowadays, Disha Parmar is in the news due to Rahul Vaidya. In reality, Rahul Vaidya proposed Disha Parmar in Bigg Boss through National TV. He communicated his affection for Bigg Boss on Disha’s birthday. He sat on his knees and said his heart. From that point forward Disha Parmar has by and by come in the news.

It is being informed that Disha and Rahul have been with one another for quite a while, however, both have been disclosing to one another as companions. Nonetheless, the actress later denied the reports claiming it to be rubbish. This word lit getting out like fire when the actress displayed it by wearing a diamond ring in her hand.