Shraddha Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, and Deepika Padukone interrogated by NCB

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The SSR case has arisen so many questions that celebrity stars like Shraddha Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Sara Ali Khan have also come under the range of NCB for drugs case. It has been mentioned by an actress earlier who was also enquired by NCB for drugs, that these along with many other Bollywood stars consume drugs. Today, these three stars were reported at NCB’s guesthouse and at NCB’s office. These 3 were earlier summoned by NCB to come at NCB’s office so that NCB can enquire them for drugs.

So, after these three went there and came out of the place of NCB it has been reported that Deepika Padukone has accepted that the chat that was leaked earlier related to drugs was her only. And Deepika Padukone was questioned along with her manager Karishma Prakash by NCB when she accepted that drugs chat was hers.

The other two stars, Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor have said to the NCB officials that they are not engaged in consuming drugs. During the questioning, they clearly have mentioned that they do not consume drugs.

But earlier when many news went viral all over the media and internet related to the party that was held by Sushant for the occasion of the successful release of Chhichhore. It was said at that time that many stars that were present there consumed drugs or consume drugs in their usual life. And it is a piece of shocking news that Shraddha Kapoor has accepted during the time of interrogation by NCB that she was present at the party. But at the same time, she also mentioned that while she was present but she is not indulged in taking drugs. This party was held at the guesthouse of SSR that is in Pawana.

Then again, Deepika, who is being tested alongside her chief Karishma Prakash in the Bollywood drugs nexus caseby NCB, has supposedly acknowledged the 2017 medications talks. As indicated by reports, Deepika and her chief might be gathered for cross-examination again as the appropriate responses have not fulfilled the NCB authorities.

While the ‘Padmaavat’ entertainer alongside her director is being flame-broiled at the NCB’s guesthouse, Shraddha and Sara are being grilled at NCB’s Zonal Office.