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Shock to nuclear disarmament efforts, Pompeo told North Korea to meet with regrets.

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Pyongyang, After the talks between Trump and Kim Jong, North Korea’s consensus on disarmament, which had drawn the blueprint for world peace, is now blurred. Following the meeting with North Korea delegation led by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the statement of this Korean nation with nuclear power is giving similar message. North Korea has said on Saturday that high level talks with Pompeo were tragic.

North Korea has said that America is putting a one-sided pressure on it to end nuclear weapons. This kind of statement came out shortly after the end of Mike Pompeo’s North Korean two-day visit and talks with the officials there. Let me tell you that the North Korean ruler Kim Jong did not meet Pompeo.

Before going to Pyongyang, Pompeo told reporters that his talks with North Korea’s senior official Kim Yong Chol were quite productive. Pompeo claimed that this conversation took place in a reliable environment and there was considerable progress in some areas. However Pompeo also said that there is enough work left over.

North Korea’s response to this balance statement is quite sharp compared to Pompeo’s statement. North Korea said that the US had cheated last month with the atmosphere created after the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong last month demanding ‘one-way’ and ‘bandits’ for nuclear disarmament. North Korea explicitly said that the consequences of this follow-up talk are quite alarming. The Korean nation said that such things would affect his desire to disarm.