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Varanasi based Shivangi Singh, will become the first woman pilot to fly Rafale fighter jet

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Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh, based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, was earlier posted at the Forward Fighter Base in Rajasthan where she flew with Wing Commander Abhinandan Current. She will make a formal entry into the 17 ‘Golden Arrows’ squadron at Ambala base of the Air Force after successful completion of conversion training.

Women are writing a new history by turning odd stones and breaking the taboo. The Indian Army is likewise seeing the solid form of women. Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh is going to become the first female pilot of Rafale in one of the world’s best-class combat aircraft.

The elder daughter of her father Kumaraswar Singh, who worked in tour and travel, also made history in the year 2017, when she flew fighter aircraft in the Air Force. Now for the third year, she achieved another feat with his passion and hard work and joined Rafale’s Squadron Golden Arrow. After qualifying for a month of technical training, she has now become an aspect of Rafael’s group. Mother Sima Singh, Bhai Mayank, Uncle Rajeshwar Singh, Shubhanshu, Himanshu etc. greeted Shivangi Singh at home.

Shivangi will enter the role as soon Rafale replaces the MiG-21 ‘Bison’ in the Indian Air Force fleet. What a coincidence that another woman named Shivangi became the first woman pilot of the Indian Navy in December 2019. She hails from Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

However, Flight Lt Shivangi Singh will enter the 17 ‘Golden Arrows’ squadron at the Ambala base of the Air Force as soon as she completes ‘conversion training’. A pilot must take ‘conversion training’ to switch from one fighter jet to another.

However, flying the Rafale for Shivangi, who has flown the MiG-21S, will not be a challenging task as the MiG is the world’s fastest landing and take-off speed with a speed of 340 km per km.

Shivangi Singh’s journey to Indian Air Force
Flight Lieutenant Shivangi had a dream of becoming a pilot since childhood. After school, he took admission in Banaras Hindu University (BHU), she joined National Cadet Core. She became part of the Sub Air Squadron.

In 2016, Shivangi Singh reached Air Force Academy for training. Shivangi Singh, educated from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), became a part of the second batch of women pilots who were commissioned in 2017. It cost Rs 15 crore for training for each pilot. The Indian Air Force has ten women pilots flying the fighter plane who have gone through thorough preparing to fly supersonic jets.

Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh was earlier posted to the Forward Fighter Base in Rajasthan where she flew with Wing Commander Abhinandan Current. Abhinandan, the current MiG-21 aircraft, which was following a Pakistani fighter jet trying to sneak into the Indian air border after the Balakot airstrike, fell into the Pakistani border and was taken captive by Pakistan. However, Pakistan had to release him honourably due to India’s warnings and international pressure.

Flight Lieutenant Avni Chaturvedi, Flight Lieutenant Mohana Singh and Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kant were among the first batch of female pilots to fly in the Indian Air Force as fighter jets. She was given its basic training in June 2016. These women have created a new history by breaking the taboo of keeping women out of the armed forces’ combat operations.