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Shirley Temple: Google doodle honours this actress who created history, started her journey at the age of 6

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Google has created a doodle on the 93rd birthday of American actress and singer Shirley Temple. The veteran tech company has made an animated doodle in honour of the actress. In this doodle, Temple is shown as a child star. Shirley Temple was not only a singer and actress, but she was also a diplomat. 6-year-old Shirley Temple is dancing in a Google Doodle. Together they are giving a speech on a global platform and receiving an award. All these three pictures are in one GIF.

The beginning of the career of Shirley Temple

Temple started the practice of dancing from the age of 3. His toe-tap dance on Stand Up And Cheer in 1934 caught the attention of the whole of America. He started his career at the age of 6. In the launching year of his career, he acted in 12 films. Shirley is one of the most talked-about stars in the American cinema world. She was a child star, who has received the Academy Award at the age of 6.

By the year 1942, Temple had become a radio star. She started ruling the hearts of people as the star of Junior Miss. Junior Miss is the story of a teenager growing up in New York City. She continued to act in films at an early age. However, he took retirement from Hollywood at the age of just 22. In 1958 he narrated the storybook by Shirley Temple. It was a television series for children, with stories about family and friends.

What was in the Google Doodle?
Some films have also aired. Apart from being an actress and singer, she was also a diplomat. She was America’s representative to the United Nations in 1969. She represented his country at the United Nations Conference on Human Environment in 1972. “In recognition of her diplomatic achievements as an ambassador to Ghana and the first female Chief of Protocol to the State Department, in 1988, she was appointed an Honorary Foreign Service Officer,” the Google Doodle website said.