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Shahid Khakon Abbasi, under the security check at the airport in the US, undressed clothes.

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi had to go through routine security checks at the airport in the US. The Pakistani media has called it an insult. Let us know that the US has shocked Pakistan by barring a visa, preventing defense and restricting many companies. On Monday, the US banned 7 Pakistani companies in the nuclear trade case.

According to news on Pakistan TV channels, PM Abbasi was seen leaving the security check for bags and coats. It is said that this was America’s airport. She went to America to see her sick sister last week. However, he met Vice President Mike Pence.

On the Pakistani news channel Anchor was telling it shameful. On one channel it was said, ‘He is saying that he went on a private tour but he should be ashamed. He is the Prime Minister and he has a diplomatic passport. There is no such thing as a personal tour He is a representative of 22 million countrymen. ‘ According to media reports, Trump is not putting any pressure on Pakistan on the issue of terrorism.